The Bitcoin Ambassador Project


We want to support Bitcoin’s organic growth, community by community, around the world.


As we approach mass adoption, we think it’s important to have a Bitcoin expert in every city and town to help newcomers properly use this technology.


This program is designed to train enthusiasts who can answer questions from beginners, support merchants who wish to accept it & educate the curious about the best practices for using Bitcoin.


From organizing meetups to Bitcoin workshops, the idea is to facilitate the creation of Bitcoin hubs around the world in the manner of Bitcoin Beach.


 If you want to participate in this project, welcome.

the 3 pillers of mass adoption


The ambassador’s goal is to organize Bitcoin meetups in his local city. A simple meeting in a bar once a month does the trick. There’s no need to book a big room or think big. The idea here is to connect Bitcoiners in your city.

To communicate, a city Bitcoin Telegram must be created


Educate Bitcoin in your local community. Armed with flyer(s), Bitcoin presentations and other resources, you’ll have all the tools you need to support the educational needs of those around you. Whether it’s for a school, a church or your local politicians, you’ll have all the knowledge you need.

All of our resources and documents will be available free of charge, ready to be printed at your home. Otherwise, we send resource packs if needed.


Helping local merchants understand and accept Bitcoin in their business to boost the circular economy! Whether it’s explaining fees, setting up wallets or legal matters, we’ll train you to be real Bitcoin experts.

Legal, accounting or technical packages will be produced to support your needs. A monthly live feed will also be set up to monitor the project in general.

This project is international! So don’t hesitate to come and translate content or launch a foreign country.

Quick Q&A

What is the origin of the project?

The original idea came from Bitcoin Beach and Dergigi.

  • Bitcoin Beach showed the world that local adoption of Bitcoin was possible if the education and passion were there
  • Dergigi has recently created 21World, a map that lists Bitcoin meetups to encourage each country to start and organize meetups

These two projects convinced me that a semi-centralized effort could greatly help the development of Bitcoin meetups around the world.

Since DiscoverBitcoin seeks to promote Bitcoin knowledge to as many people as possible, this program was a great response to a strong demand from our current students.

What are our values?

The values of this project are the same as those of DiscoverBitcoin:

  • Open-Source
  • Bitcoin only
  • No trading
  • Focus privacy (non-KYC, mixing)
  • Run a node
  • DCA & earn BTC
What profile do I need to become an ambassador?

An ambassador must be passionate about Bitcoin and willing to set aside a little time to support the needs of their local community.

We are talking about a few hours per month.

In-depth knowledge of Bitcoin is a plus to help beginners and traders technically. Once your city is up and running, you’ll rarely be alone in your endeavors as other enthusiasts will join your mission fairly quickly.

Is there a geographical constraint?

No, the project is open to everyone and everywhere in the world.

If you launch a new country, other people will probably follow your move soon after.

Each country requires a translation of the site, so if you wish, you can help us translate it into your language to facilitate the arrival of new cities near you!

Is there a remuneration for the ambassadors?

No, the ambassadors are volunteers.

DiscoverBitcoin is committed to training, providing open source documentation and supporting them in the air of the already existing networks and community. Nevertheless, no remuneration or business model is thought for them.

This is something that should be done out of passion for Bitcoin and to support your local economy.

You can profit financially from this activity on your own and without being connected to DiscoverBitcoin.

How do I apply to be an ambassador?

Before you apply, make sure your city is not already started. If it is, you can join this local community via the posted Telegram and start collaborating.

You can launch your city independently by following the instructions on the join us page.

It takes you 3 minutes and it’s free.